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We aim to provide an accessible experience for all our customers, and we understand everyone's needs are different. Please take a look at our accessibility factors before planning your visit. 

If you would further clarification on one of our accessibility factors please feel free to contact us. 


01455 271799


We have a private car park located directly across the road. 

  • No designated disabled parking bay 

  • The road can be busy during peak travel times, so please take this into account when crossing the road. 

  • Pelican crossing located near the Sharnford Garage if needed



Our main entrance is located on the front of the property, just off the footpath. 

  • Small ramp to cover dip in the path 

  • Double-width doors leading to a small porch, followed by a single door, push to access

  • If you need assistance entering our pub, please ring our doorbell (located on one of the open double doors) and a member of staff will do their best to assist you 



We have multiple toilets located within the building, so please use whichever facility that meets your needs.

  • An accessible toilet is located in the extension, fitted with handrails and an emergency cord

  • Unisex toilets located in the extension with fully enclosed cubicles and an open/shared sink area

  • Separate sex toilets are located in our restaurant, with a step up to the main door which leads to the entrances of each toilet

Baby changing facilities are located within the accessible toilets. 


Dietary requirements & Allergies

We can cater to a variety of dietary requirements and preferences as well as allergies. However, please understand we cannot 100% guarantee our food will be completely allergen-free. 

  • Please inform us of any allergies when booking your table and before placing your order

  • If you would like to see our allergen matrix please contact us via email,

  • If you would like any reasonable adjustments to your meal please let us know and our chefs will do their best to accommodate your request

Get in Touch

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